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First years of economic activity

Captrain Polska was established in December 2006 as a subsidiary of the German railway company ITL International GmbH. Until October 2014, the Company operated on the market as ITL Polska Sp. z o.o. In the beginning, the company's operations were aimed at organizing transportation of depots initiated in Germany, the Czech Republic and the Netherlands, with their customers in Poland. In December 2007, the Company received a license to execute railway transportation of goods and provide traction units. One year later, Captrain Polska (then ITL Polska) was the first Polish railway carrier to receive the European Safety Certificate, Part A. In the beginning of 2009, ITL Polska received the European Safety Certificate, Part B, which allowed the company to implement transportation services under its own flag and on April 23, 2009 the first train that transported aggregate took its route. The finalization of ongoing negotiations between ITL Polska and the Belarusian Railways was an important event of 2009. On that year, an agreement was signed that provided the company with a possibility to cross the border in Brest, which opened the way to the CIS countries and further east. On January 21, 2010, a train run by ITL Polska going from the Czech Republic through Chałupki and Małaszewicze to Brest, opened a new chapter in the history of private international transportation.

Entering the SNCF structures

In 2008, the French National Railways SNCF Fret bought 75% of shares in ITL Interantional GmbH. In 2010, the SNCF acquired the remaining 25% of shares, thus bringing the German carrier to the Captrain group. The following map presents the group's territorial scope

In accordance with the strategy of the SNCF Geodis Group, it focuses the belonging freight carriers outside of France under the Captrain brand. Currently, Captrain is composed of companies located in the United Kingdom, Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Italy, Romania, Germany, the Czech Republic and Poland. With a redesigned logo and upgraded resources, Captrain Polska will be a stronghold for the Group's operations in the easterly direction, including Ukraine and Belarus.

Captrain Deutschland

The largest Company in the group is Captrain Deutschland GmbH, which includes Captrain Polska. Captrain Deutschland was established in 2010 as a result of expansion of SNCF-Geodis in Central-Eastern Europe. The organizational structure created at that time was the result of painstaking analyses and it was aimed at optimizing logistic processes commissioned by Clients, while extending the offer with services provided. Captrain Deutschland GmbH offers innovative solutions in railway transportation by creating customized logistic concepts. By integrating modern locomotives, technologically advanced cars, traction and manoeuvre services as well as loading and unloading, Captrain Deutschland offers customized solutions to clients both at the local, regional and European levels. The company employs 1.040 people. In 2013, its turnover reached EUR 243 million.

Captrain Polska today

Captrain Polska is an independent railway carrier and operates throughout Poland, but due to the group's membership of the capital group, it specializes in transportation from the Czech Republic and Silesia to Germany. As part of the trainload freight, the Company can implement both large orders and spot transportation. Our clients include big companies such as Jastrzębska Spółka Węglowa, TrackTec or ArcelorMittal Poland, but we also support shipping companies and individual clients who order single shipments. At the moment, we serve primarily the steel, coal, petrochemical industries and the construction materials market, but we are open to other markets, which will be attractive to our portfolio. More information on Captrain Polska is available in our presentation, which can be downloaded in the Downloads tab.

Captrain Polska is continually working on completing its fleet. The first machine, which began operating in the colours of ITL Polska in 2008 was a diesel-engine locomotive, model BR120 (ST44), with characteristic images of Chinese dragons. Currently, Captrain Polska has a modern fleet of trouble-free locomotives, which includes:

  • electric locomotives - Traxx E186 DAPL (multi-system) by Bombardier
  • electric locomotives - EU07
  • diesel-engine locomotives - BR232
  • shunting locomotives
  • more than 230 of different type cars (both open wagons and specialized wagons).

The current fleet can be seen on the website in the Gallery tab.

The membership of Captrain Deutschland GmbH, which is owned by one of Europe`s largest rail carriers, makes the actual technical base of Captrain Polska much bigger and flexibly adapted to client's expectations.