Our Offer

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Captrain Poland’s product offer

  1. Railway transportation of bulk commodities - coal, aggregates, containers, fuel, building materials, chemicals, biomass, etc.
  2. Specialized transportation - rails (including 120-metre rails), railway machines, oversized transportation.
  3. Railway siding support.
  4. Fleet rental.
  5. Other - consulting, minor repairs of fleet, etc.

Captrain Poland’s territorial offer

The company, which is indirectly owned by SNCF-Geodis, includes a base that guarantees timely and effective implementation of each order. As a member of the European capital group - it is capable of calculating each route designated by the Client across Europe in a very short time. Moreover, the company can give the aggregate price per unit regardless of the number of boundaries crossed during transportation.

Captrain Poland operates throughout the country, but due to the membership of the group, it specializes in transportation from the Czech Republic and Silesia to Germany. As part of the trainload freight, we implement both large orders and transportation spots. Our clients include big companies such as Jastrzębska Spółka Węglowa, TrackTec or ArcelorMittal Poland, but we also support shipping companies and individual clients who order single shipments. Now, we serve primarily the steel, coal, petrochemical industries and the construction materials market, but we are open to other markets. Captrain Poland - one of the few private carriers - offers cross-border services to and from Belarus and Ukraine.

To ensure our clients' comfort and provide high quality services, Captrain Poland continues to invest in the development of the modern monitoring system. With specialized software, our clients can get very detailed information on the whereabouts of the goods at any time during the transportation.

More information on Captrain Polska is available in our presentation, which can be downloaded in the Downloads tab. We invite you to contact our company and submit your inquiry.